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Special Connectors

Icotronix is growing the product range with the new family of special connectors; are you in trouble to find out a specific custom connector? Get in touch with our team and we can find the right solution for you.



Siemens Motors V90

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Cable Connectors/Plugs

Icotronix is introducing a new generation of cable connectors offering the best usability and safety features among industrial circular connectors M23. A new quick-lock system, a new shielding system, a new patented cable clamp and an optional manipulation protection are only a few of the highly innovative features that make this connector so attractive and unique. With a highly skilled team of engineers, long history and experience in the field of connectors in combination with extensive lab and field testing it was possible to incorporate all these new features and benefits in a modern, elegant connector body while reducing the number of single components which makes the connector assembly easier and faster.

Motor Connectors/Receptacles Connectors

The new motor connector line from Icotronix is super compact and thus ideal for new generation motors with small frame sizes. These new receptacle connectors from Icotronix are lower and shorter than any other M23 motor connectors you can find on the market while offering the same features and performance. A new, super compact rotating mechanism provides a 320° range and flexible cable outlet.

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