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Special Connectors

Icotronix is growing the product range with the new family of special connectors; are you in trouble to find out a specific custom connector? Get in touch with our team and we can find the right solution for you.

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The new patented quick-lock system is the best solution on the market to connect your cable connector to the mating receptacle connector.
Why? Because it is EASIER, FASTER and SAFER while offering full backwards compatibility and full compatibility with all existing M23 circular connector solutions and connecting systems.

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Choose your own colors and logos to brand label your connectors from Icotronix. Put your mark not only on motors and drives, but on connectors and cable assemblies also. Your original equipment will be clearly visible and easy to identify in the field helping to improve your attachment rate and making easier the handling of warranty claims.
Contact our technical support team for further customizations and modifications on inserts and other connector components whenever and wherever special applications need to be integrated.