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Sinamics S200


Sinamics S200

With Sinamics S200, Siemens is launching a new servo drive system designed for a variety of standard applications in the battery, electronics as well as other industries. It consists of a precise servo drive, powerful servo motors and easy-to-use cables and offers high dynamic performance. Applications that require precision in speed and torque, such as winding and unwinding machines in battery manufacturing and cell assembly, particularly benefit from the new servo drive system.

Taking the battery industry as an example, coating machines, lamination machines, continuous slitting machines, roller presses and other machinery in the battery manufacturing and assembly process all require precise and fast control, and the high dynamic performance of this system can fully match the various needs of manufacturers.
The SINAMICS S200 servo converters consist of a basic version and a standard version with pulse train input position control (PTI) 1) or PROFINET RT/IRT (PN) to meet various needs of applications and works perfectly together with SIMATIC controllers.

It is also a very flexible system and scalable depending on the application. It covers a power range of 0.1 -1kW (200V) and 0.2 – 7kW (400V) and can be combined with a low, medium, or high inertia motor.
Depending on the application, a standard or high dynamic cable is used. Due to its compact design, the SINAMICS S200 servo drive system also saves up to 30 percent space in the control cabinet and enables an optimal device arrangement.

  • SINAMICS S200 Basic servo converters, power range 0.1 to 1 kW at 200 ... 240 V 1 AC / 3 AC
  • SINAMICS S200 servo converters, power range 0.1 to 1 kW at 200 ... 240 V 1 AC / 3 AC and 0.2 to 7 kW at 380 ... 480 V 3 AC

SIMOTICS S-1FL2 servomotors

With flexible encoder options, including absolute encoder17-bit singleturn, 21-bit singleturn and 21-bit singleturn + 12-bit multiturn, the system provides precise and accurate performance. The encoders can be used without a battery, making it easy to operate and maintenance.

  • Low Inertia for high dynamic performance
  • Medium Inertia for dynamic and smooth operational performance
  • High Inertia for smooth operational performance

If you are looking for cables and the connectors for the connection between the SINAMICS S200 servo converters and the SIMOTICS S-1FL2 servomotors, here below our compatible items already available:

    • TK F100 standard bending cables, which provides a connection solution for fixed installation applications
    • TKFF390 high flexible bending cables, which provides a connection solution for drag chain installation applications that require high cable flexibility

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